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a gal·ax·y (noun) is a massive, gravitationally bound system of stars, stellar remnants, an interstellar medium of gas and dust, and dark matter.

{"he's very dreamy, but he is not the sun. you are." --cristina yang}


akahshi 我还真需要谢谢你让我给你写呢么多小故事。。。看看只有四个了!!!

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akahshi and i are going to attempt to spend the entire day blogging in chinese from midnight in our respective timezones (central for her and pacific for me)

we agreed to speak english in tags but apparently we can’t answer asks in english wtf allison… but yeah english in tags for that i guess


(i don’t know why we’re doing this either) okay that’s why you’ll see a bunch of chinese probably

a bunch of really bad chinese (on my end hAHHA)

這裡已經十二點了。。。早上十二點 T___T 所以我不能用英文了 OTL 對不起 ;A;



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it actually made sense??? I’m.. impressed o:


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seiz0n said:






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Anonymous said:
you're going back at the end of the summer? but aren't you going to have school?

last two weeks of summer ahaha i have a gap between summer school and actual school starting

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Anonymous said:
i thought you were supposed to reply in chinese tbh LMAO HEHEHEHE anyway so do your parents converse with you in chinese? which part of china are you from? do you go back often?

I HAVE 21 MINUTES OF ENGLISH LEFT yeah i picked up most of my chinese from talking with my parents so i’m guessing whatever reading/writing knowledge i have is from a very brief encounter with chinese school LOL and my parents are from hangzhou so i guess i’m from around that area too and maybe once every two or so years? i’m going back at the end of this summer! :D

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ideal relationship: we both shut up and never speak 

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Anonymous said:
are you learning chinese and thus such a practice? its really cute tbh you should have it more often bc you branch out to more topics! in a sense anyway

ahahha thank you! kind of… i mean i’m not learning it in school i’m chinese but i was born in germany and raised in america and chinese school really doesn’t compare to actually living in china and learning the language properly hahahah

i’m not sure why we’re doing this

i think we just hate each other because traditional hurts me and simplified hurts her

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Anonymous said:
I HAVE NO IDEA IF GOOGLE TRANSLATE IS RIGHT BECAUSE IT JUST LOOKS SO WEIRD FOR YOU TO TALK LIKE THAT?? and oops i thought it meant from now to midnight (i'm a very confused person haha) but oh my gosh i'm so sorry you have to do this i love you i'm sure you'll do fine darling.<3

NO IT’S OKAY AHAHHA there’s no difference between 11pm and 12am except that i usually try to sleep at 12am which is either the difference in the world when i’m doing something but since i’m doing nothing it’s nothing

but yeah my speech pattern gets weird in chinese i think it’s because i can only construct extremely simple sentences hAHAHA…… i feel very cheesy and textbook-cliche when i speak in chinese

but thank you! :D

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Anonymous said:
oohh that sounds fun okay what about this: how was your day, and what did you do?



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I don’t care about losing people who don’t wanna be in my life anymore. I’ve lost people who meant the world to me and I’m still doing just fine.

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ログ詰め4 by おまる.
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Requested by anonymous

Pairing: Kuroo/Kenma
Theme: sick

"Here. Soup."


Coughing and sputtering, Kuroo turned away as Kenma gave a lackluster ‘oh’ and raised the spoonful to his lips to start blowing.

Sick that day, Kuroo’s absence from school prompted Kenma to visit him afterwards. His mother was more than grateful to see him and asked if he could stay just a few hours while she went out to pick up some more medicine and run a few errands that were vital, smiling in relief when he nodded and was pointed towards the pot of soup she’d made him.

He hadn’t quite realized how hot it still was.

Waiting for Kuroo to stop coughing, he offered him the spoonful again. “I blew on it.”

"I don’t trust you… give me that," Kuroo mumbled and took the bowl after he sat up. A knee propped up, a layer of his blankets keeping the hot china from burning him as he blew on a new spoonful a few times before drinking it.

It had been just a fever, but it was a high enough one that his mother let him stay home from school. He’d been feeling progressively worse through the day and was in a terrible mood when Kenma showed up, face souring more at all the work he’d missed. 

"You missed a pop quiz in English."

"Uh huh."

"Math was boring."

"Uh huh."

"Oh. Practice. We’ve got a practice match next week."

"I know."



Looking up to see Kenma standing, the multicolored male looked a bit surprised at him. “What?”

"You’re just leaving?" Kuroo asked. "…I’m bored."

Kenma frowned. “…What should I do then?”

"…I don’t know. Keep talking."

"Oh," he said and sat down again after a moment. "…We watched a movie in history."

"Something other than school.”

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