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a gal·ax·y (noun) is a massive, gravitationally bound system of stars, stellar remnants, an interstellar medium of gas and dust, and dark matter.

{"he's very dreamy, but he is not the sun. you are." --cristina yang}


“ If you truly want to escape the everyday life, you must constantly evolve. No matter whether you’re aiming higher or lower ”
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"i don’t want to grow up"
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ふと フォント ビシっと …
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what can be smooth but also rough ;)))))

endoplasmic reticulum

follow for more cell facts

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高層階で 縦揺れにゆさぶられる今日 所詮 砂上の楼閣なんだろうか…
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Anonymous said:
okay but Namie and Izaya arguing over what to name their -just born- baby

AHAHAHHA oh my god the doctors in the delivery room would be like ‘…..this is not how most happy couples react…’

'we're not naming him that.'

'why not? it's fitting and—'

we are not naming a baby after you.’

'it's better than naming him 'seiji.”

'no it's not.'

'yes it is.'

'no it's not.'

'yes it is.'

'no it's not.'

'doctor is there anyway to make her go to sleep now'


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Title: らしさ
Album: ばらかもん OP
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Pairing: Hiroshi/Handa
Theme: p.s. I miss you

When Handa had to travel back to Tokyo for an exhibition, Hiroshi was the only one that didn’t come to send him off.

Handa tried to not look disappointed, not when Naru and Hina were clinging onto his legs and crying. Eyes scanned the area when he could, but he didn’t catch sight of the boy with blond hair and tanned skin. His arms were filled with the kids and the two girls, falling over onto his suitcase when they all jumped on him at once for a group hug, staining his shirt dark with their tears.

"Sensei! Win somethin’ so ya come back, all right?!"

"Senseiiii! I’m really going to miss ya! I’ll take ya beetle huntin’ next time!!"

"Come back soon, okay? We’re going to be real bored without ya!"

Giving a smile and ruffling their hair, Handa nodded and was tackled again before he was allowed to go through security. This time, since he’d given warning, everyone had put together a scrapbook of their memories together, and he was looking through it during the flight, smiling slightly, jerking in surprise when the attendant asked him if he wanted some water and sending her tray flying into the lap of another passenger.

For once, Handa was lucky and it wasn’t the director. But he did get yelled at and sent to the worst seat on the plane.

When he landed, Kawafuji picked him up, greeting him and waiting besides a car. It was all usual, just like the last time Handa had come back; he went home, assured his mother he was normal, saw his father and set to work. For days, Handa was holed up in his room, door opening only for food and to ask for more ink and paper. When Emi came to deliver a letter, she sang ‘Sei-san!’ just as his brush left a very large, very dark, very noticeable line on her favorite kimono.


"S-S-S-SORRY—what’s that?"

As she hurried off, hoping to still salvage the garment, Handa picked up the envelope. He glanced at the address, lingering on ‘Goto Island’ for a bit before flipping it over and opening it, eyes skimming quickly.

Yo, sensei.

Sorry I didn’t send you off. Got kind of busy with entrance exams and stuff… tutor wouldn’t let me go. Tch… not like keeping me an extra hour was going to make me any smarter…

Naru and the others miss you a whole lot. They keeping coming over, but my mom chases them off. Tama and Miwa took over the playground again, so I’ve been having to chase those kids away from bullying Naru. Could’ve used you there, sensei. The kids would’ve had one more among them.

Kidding. You’re an adult.


Weather’s been nice. Rained a little, but they just ended up dancing and stuff as they always do. I saw them from my window. They were trying to get me to go out and play with them, but I managed to ignore them until they got bored. They’re all sick now. Figures.

Hmm. Not much has been happening here lately. We’ve been keeping your place as clean as we can, but since Tama and Miwa are involved, you shouldn’t expect too much. Aah… you better hurry back, sensei. They really miss you a lot. They talk about you everyday and Naru’s going to give you a present of cicada shells… so you better prepare yourself.

Everyone really misses you.

See you soon, sensei.


Blinking at the letter, Handa smiled slightly. A few days later, a second letter came, this one just two lines and brought a slight blush to the calligrapher’s pale cheeks, leading Emi to peer at him suspiciously.

P.S. I miss you a lot too, sensei.


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