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a gal·ax·y (noun) is a massive, gravitationally bound system of stars, stellar remnants, an interstellar medium of gas and dust, and dark matter.

{"he's very dreamy, but he is not the sun. you are." --cristina yang}


What is an “instant” death anyway? How long is an instant? Is it one second? Ten? The pain of those seconds must have been awful as her heart burst and her lungs collapsed and there was no air and no blood to her brain and only raw panic. What the hell is instant? Nothing is instant. Instant rice takes five minutes, instant pudding an hour. I doubt that an instant of blinding pain feels particularly instantaneous.

John GreenLooking for Alaska (via wordsnquotes)

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is china even real
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did you know brown rhymes with crown hehehehe

  • My favorite thing about your blog: not you. KIDDING IT’S YOU OBVIOUSLY i miss you get your ass back into the united states screw china also what’s my favorite thing about your blog OBVIOUSLY ALL YOUR TAGS FOR ME EVERYTHING RELATED TO ME AND MY BLOG ON YOUR BLOG YES and your lovely tags and most importantly- me
  • What fandom I associate you with the most: tokyo ghoul, durarara, noragami
  • What I think of your URL: shizuo heiwajimamamamamamaaaaaa durarara soulmate oh look it’s soulmate’s blog i go on your blog way too much you’re on my favorites page when i open chrome this is ridiculous
  • If I follow you and why: no of course not why in the world would i follow soulmate? ? ? ? ? are you kidding me of course i do we are a package deal if you follow me you gotta follow soulmate and vice versa it’s a package deal you can’t take one without the other

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Pairing: Hide/Kaneki
Theme: hallucinations

"You’re a monster."

Kaneki shot up and he wasn’t sure if the loud gasp was in his dream or reality. Cold sweat beaded across his forehead and he raised a trembling hand to rest the heel against his eye, arm steadying once the elbow met a bent knee. His back hunched as he struggled to steady his breathing, swallowing dryly.

Flinching when he felt a hand against his arm, he turned sharply to see Hide offering him a glass of water. His head was pounding as ‘Hide…?’ was breathed quietly, sounding confused.

"Buddy? You all right?" he asked, giving a worried frown. "You had a nightmare?"

As he took the glass and sipped it, Kaneki remembered that Hide was spending the night with him. His apartment had been flooded (his upstairs neighbor’s water pipe broke) and there was no way the boy could refuse his best friend a place to stay. He hoped the darkness of the night would keep Hide from seeing his eye if he couldn’t control it, but even so, he kept a hand over it. “…Yeah,” he said quietly and nodded, looking away. “Just a nightmare. Sorry… to worry you.”

"You’re a monster."

Both eyes closed when he heard the words echo. Hide still didn’t know about his situation; he thoroughly went through his apartment to get rid of anything that would hint at him being a ghoul, including the still uneaten package of meat that was in his refrigerator. He gave it to Touka and ran out of the cafe before she could finish snapping that he hadn’t eaten for a month, wanting to get back to make sure everything was in place.

Hide had called him a monster when he found out. He could still see the look of disgust on his face and hear the scathing words over and over again. He remembered the way his heart plummeted and his stomach churned, blood running cold. It had felt so surreal and he dreaded to think that he had dreamed what really would happen if Hide found out.

A sudden growl in his stomach surprised them both, but Kaneki doubled over, eyes squeezing shut as the hand to hide the red one moved to hold himself. Crap… Touka-chan was right…

"Kaneki? Are you hungry?"

He could feel his kakugan pulsating, heart racing as his nose began to pick up on the aromatic scent of human flesh—live and fresh right next to him. Kaneki turned away and raised his other hand to press to his eye. “J-just a stomachache. I’m going to—”

"Stop lying to me."

It was surprising how weak hunger could make him. It was almost like he didn’t even resist when Hide raised a hand to take his wrist, forcing it away so he could see him. Both of Kaneki’s eyes, one normal one not, were wide as they looked at Hide and he could feel reluctance creep through his veins, waiting to hear ‘you’re a monster’ said again.

But Hide didn’t say that.

"…I know, Kaneki," he said softly, mustering a smile after a moment, trying to play it off. "I’ve known for a while. I’m pretty sharp, you know. Is Anteiku still open? I mean, that’s where you get… you know. Food. Right? I figured, since you’re hanging out there all the time.”

Kaneki was speechless as Hide slipped out of bed and began to go through a duffel bag he brought with him, searching for clothes to change into. He felt lightheaded and moved a hand down to his thigh, pinching himself just to make sure he was really awake. “…Hide? What—”


Looking over his shoulder after cutting him off, Hide grinned again.

"You’re still Kaneki. You’re my best friend. Now come on. We’ll get… food for you, and then see if we can find a burger place still open for me. Does the smell make you sick? If it does, I can just get a salad… or just some bread or something. I’m starving…”

"Hide, you don’t have to—"

“‘Course I don’t. But I do.”

Standing after getting dressed, Hide picked up a few of Kaneki’s clothes and tossed them to him.

"Like I said, you’re still my best friend. I love you, man. I’m not going to leave just because of this. You could’ve hurt me, but you haven’t. You’re not a monster. …You’re still Kaneki. You’re still my best friend."

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♛ baby<3



  • My favorite thing about your blog: YOU OF COURSE but also your graphics, your writing, your posts (gorgeous monochrome), your description, and your really organized tags page whoa *^*
  • What fandom I associate you with the most: Durarara!! C:
  • What I think of your URL: HOW?!?!?! but it’s amazing and absolutely perfect for you Shizuo is your sweeter husband <3
  • If I follow you and why: ofc I do, Jessica you’re one of the sweetest and most talented people ever, you’re wonderful and your blog has always been one of my favorites god you’re the definition of perfection and beauty YOU ARE A GODDESS I love you so much <3
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  • My favorite thing about your blog: post order, your writing and your cute replies to all the asks you get are heartwarming c’;
  • What fandom I associate you with the most: durarara!! now also tokyo ghoul and noragami.
  • What I think of your URL: its the perfect url for you tbh, no other but you could have that 1
  • If I follow you and why: BECAUSE I JUST LOVE YOUR BLOG DEEPLY. your writing always inspires me and you’re v cute, i love you a lot ;A;
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Title: Secret Of My Heart
Artist: Mai Kuraki
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